Sunday, 10 February 2008

Spicy Ant!

The ant... I watch it crawl on the table next to where I sit typing this blog.. such a tiny being, it's mass probably one one thousandth of mine.. totally oblivious to it's surroundings. little does it know about the problems that face our world today.. It makes you realize the more intelligent you are, the more problems you have.. I mean, the little ant is only worried about 2 things.. where it's going to get it's food.. and where it's going to get food after it finishes that food... it doesn't have banks, bills, degrees, relationships, careers, or even friends for that matter. Oh it stopped. Why? Why did it stop crawling.. what reasons does it have to stop? It certainly isn't thinking about the meaning of life.. ahh it walks again.. I thought so. If I were to guess I Would say the ant stopped cuz a little gust of air was in front of it and nothing more.. it probably didn't even wonder why it physically stopped, for curiosity is not a part of the ant, all it knows is food and find food it will, not knowing why it needs the food, or what happens if it doesn't get to the food. Oh you stupid ant, how little you know about the world. But that is forgivable, for many of us bigger beings know as little about the world.. what's unforgivable is how little you want to know about the world. I suppose it is not fair to you, for your capacity for knowledge is probably limited to locating food and building hills.. although you don't wonder about me, I wonder about you all the time.. how is it you build those ant hills and the network of tunnels when you don't wonder about anything.. who taught you when you don't understand the concept of education.. how is it u know where to build the tunnels in the sand to when you have a memory that probably lasts only a few minutes.. and how is it you still find food and build even though you only live for a few days? Oh ant, if only you could think like me, for then when you had a few days left to live, you would not be building hills and tunnels but instead you'd be enjoying every last minute of it with your loved ones.. which brings us back to the fact that you have no concept of enjoyment or love.. oh what a sad, sad life you live.. I still think about you although you went under that book. But what are you doing there? there is no food or tunnel construction possibility under there.. No light, but who needs light when you cannot see.. ahh you emerge from the darkness.. Where will you go now you little ant? do you know I am watching you? Ant, this is your lucky day.. I will give you knowledge that even I cannot attain while on this Earth, maybe we'll meet again and you'll tell me what heaven looked like.. goodbye. squissh.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Of Blog and Spice..

Ahh.. The blog. How it captures people's minds, screws up their perception of communication and tells us how much people really want to say about themselves and others. What is expressed in a blog is far more than you can perceive( about someone's life, not their personality) from simply meeting someone for 10 minutes.. why? Why is it that people will write intimate details of their lives for any other stranger to see while when meeting someone for the first time, ( probably a friend of a friend, who is still closer and more trustworthy than a total stranger) a person chooses to hide behind a curtain of superficiality until they're really close to that person?? Is it cowardice? (or shall I say 'fear' as to not be rude) I mean in a blog, you write what you want and the consequences are minimal, people read your blog and they react but you don't have to see that reaction nor respond to it.. you don't have to look at the face of the person, hence all fear is alleviated and every other Tom, Dick and Harry transforms into the world's most confident spokesperson. Hence in my opinion, and everyone is of course entitled to their own, a blog is a misrepresentation of a persons personality and self-esteem, and just simply a diary of facts( or thoughts which you will never know are spontaneous or rehearsed). I say you cannot judge a persons personality from his or her blog because you know as well as I do that someone morbid, rude, annoying and cruel could portray the opposite in the blog. What happened to good old fashion conversations? Text will never be a substitute for the spoken word, and the latter is what is needed to do justice to an individual, be it good or bad. For this reason I will not blog about anyone in particular but more of people in general, objects, insects and groups or organizations.